Upscale, Resort-Style Hotel


Upscale, Resort-Style Hotel

This California coastal hotel was in dire need of roof replacement. The roof consisted of a unique design 33,273 SF of shingled roof and 3,170 SF of flat roof resulting in a total area of 36,443 SF needing to be re-roofed awith new plywood sheathing sub straight installed.  Asset Management had been receiving bids of $800,000.00 and upwards while being provided with a schedule of 8 weeks to complete.


The new roofing had to be approved by local authorities.

Length of project was of concern to property management in order to minimize effect on hotel operations and hotel guests.

Delivery and placement of materials on jobsite due to unique design of roof and to avoid negative impact on hotel operations.


All Pro Construction successfully installed an approved roof for ½ the price and ⅓ the time provided by local contractors. All Pro Construction was also successful in accomplishing this feat with minimal impact on hotel operations and minimal inconvenience to hotel guests.