Large Multi-Family Rehab Project


Large Multi-Family Rehab Project

This property has 1,184 units in 296 buildings spread out among 85 acres located in Virginia. The contained a mix of different aspects – Life-Safety, Roofing, and Interiors.  The project was part of a multi-state portfolio that required repairs to be completed within 8 months.


All repairs were required to be completed in 8 months.

Work commenced in late September resulting in 296 roofs needing to be completed immediately to comply with contract deadlines.  Winter was rapidly approaching promising to bring the bitter temperatures and heavy snows that are characteristic of Northeast Winters.

Coordination of the different assets – materials, labor –   needed to accomplish such a large project in such short time while coordinating with the asset managers, property managers, and residents in an attempt to complete such a task without disrupting the daily routine of the community.


All Pro amassed a tremendous workforce of 200 including 120 roofers.  All Pro Construction successfully completed all 296 roofs in 120 days. All repairs were completed in under 180 days. All Pro Construction successfully coordinated the work with the various interest parties – asset managers, property managers, and residents so that their daily lives were not inconvenienced.