Industrial Warehouse


Industrial Warehouse

The 150,000 SF roof consisted of a rare structure style that composed of 120,000 SF standing seam metal with gable sections tying into 30,000 SF low slope sections.  The roof endured two major hail storms within a 3 month period causing numerous leaks in occupied space.  Hail damage created water intrusion points on low slope roofs resulting 30,000 SF of framing and sheathing damage.


The new roof was required to be installed in 30 days by the Insurance Adjuster.

Major regional thunderstorms forecasted for a 2 week period during construction time frame.

Coordination of assets – Materials and Labor – in order to have minimal impact on daily operations of 100% occupied warehouse.


All Pro Construction successfully installed the 150,000 SF roof as well as performing the 30,000 SF of framing and sheathing repairs in just 3 weeks.  All Pro Construction accomplished this feat while the area endured 7 straight days of stormy weather.  All Pro Construction was also successful with minimal impact on daily operations of the warehouse tenants.